Modal Verbs – Might

We use might when we want to express a possibility of something that we are not sure about we often use “might”. This possibility is about a 50% chance.


She might come to the dance with me, but I’m not sure.

She might be in her office; she was there about an hour ago.

Where’s Maria? I don’t know, she might be at home with her boyfriend.

Do you think they’ll buy a car? They might, they were talking about buying one for a while

I might go to the beach later if it doesn’t rain.

In the above five examples the speaker is not exactly sure of the answer to the situation. The negative form of “might” is simply “might not” which emphasizes more doubt of the situation.

She might not come to the dance with me.

She might not be in her office; I saw her leave half an hour ago.

Where’s Maria? I don’t know, but she might not be home because I called her ten minutes ago and nobody answered.

Do you think they’ll buy a new car? They might not, Raul said he doesn’t think he’ll have enough money yet.

I might not go to the beach because it might rain.

Might is also used as a soft suggestion

You might study a little harder.

You might call your mother to tell her you’ll be late for dinner.

They might practice harder to win the game.

He might want to talk to his girlfriend to explain what happened.

You might get up earlier to get to work on time.