Peggy and her Cats

Peggy lives in Ohio. She lives alone with her cats. She has two children, but they are older and live by themselves. She has one cat that she found outside and another cat that she rescued from the animal shelter. One is named Smokey and the other is named Maggie. Smokey is a small cat and Maggie is really big. Maggie has long, black and white hair and Smokey has short hair. They have toys in the house. They do not go outside. They have food bowls that are in the shape of fish. They wait for Peggy to come home every day after work. When she comes home, they run to the door to greet her. She always gives them treats when she gets home. After Peggy gets home, she takes off her shoes and sits in front of the TV. Her two cats come and sit on her lap, and they all watch TV together.