Going out for Brunch


Americans really love good food and drinks. Many Americans go to restaurants on the weekend. Young people like to go bar hopping or have parties on Friday and Saturday nights. In big cities like New York considered to be “the city that never sleeps,” some restaurants are open around the clock. The other day my friend and I went out for brunch, which is like having a big late breakfast at lunchtime. We waited at the entrance of the restaurant to be seated. After waiting a few minutes, the hostess came up to us and greeted us with a smile.

“Hello guys, a table for two?” she asked. “Yes, do you have a table by the window?” my friend asked.” “Let me check that out,” she said. A minute later she came back to lead us to our table by the window. “Thank you,” I said. “You’re welcome,” she replied as she handed us two menus. “Excuse me,” my friend said, “could you tell us about your brunch special today?” “Sure,” she said. “Our special today is coffee or tea, two eggs any style (over-easy, sunny side-up, or scrambled eggs) bacon or sausage, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and toast of your choice (white bread, whole wheat bread or rye bread).”

“OK guys, your waitress will be right with you to take your order,” she said. “Thanks a lot,” replied my friend. “What are you going to have?” asked my friend. I think I’ll have two eggs over-easy, and bacon. “What about you?” I asked. “I’ll have two eggs sunny side-up with sausage, and we’d better order now because it’s getting late, and I have to meet a friend,” he said. Five minutes later the waitress came back to our table and asked us if we were ready to order. “Yes,” we replied. “Ok, I am all ears so go ahead,” she said.


Vocabulary and Expressions

Around the clock = open twenty four hours per day (restaurants, bars, pharmacies, etc).
Bar hopping = to go from bar to bar having a good time.
To go out = to meet friends out and go for brunch, lunch, dinner; or any other activity.
Brunch = big breakfast at about lunch time.
Check out = to take a look at it. Find out.
Come back = return.
Getting late = becoming late.
I am all ears = expression meaning I am ready to listen to you.

Conversation Activities

1. Are businesses in your country open around the clock?
2. Is bar hopping popular in your country? Do you go bar hopping?
3. Do people like to go out to eat often where you are from?
4. Is there a meal similar to brunch in your country? What do people do after going to a party?
5. Do you have a statement similar to “I am all ears” in your native language?