Sports and Fitness


For many years the obesity rates in America have been increasing. People in America are becoming overweight. This means that people are really heavy or have too many pounds on. To get rid of their extra pounds, many people exercise, join health clubs, or go on diets to try to lose weight. Fitness clubs are full of exercise machines that are used for different purposes including strengthening your tummy, legs, and muscles. The treadmills help you run and stationary bikes can help your legs.

Some people do not care about working out and they prefer to watch sports on TV. America’s favorite sports include football, baseball, basketball and hockey. When you go to a stadium and listen to the crowd cheering or booing you can become fascinated by the excitement of the game. Big names like the New York Yankees, the Giants, and the Chicago Bulls are very familiar to American sports fans. These teams have made their fans happy many times by winning championships.

Because sports are so popular, many colleges and universities offer scholarships to the best student players to play for their institutions. These players receive a higher education in exchange for playing on their university’s sports teams. Many people find college football and basketball games as exciting as the professional games because often times sports stars get their start here. Baseball is different from other sports because baseball stars have outrageous salaries and they do not generally come out of colleges or universities. The super stars of sports often sign huge contracts that allow them to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Legendary names like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and El Duque will remain in the memory of their fans for a long time, and some stars will continue playing for the delight of their fans.

Vocabulary and Expressions

Overweight = to have some extra pounds; heavy.
To get rid of = to dispose something.
Health clubs = places where people work out or exercise.
Fitness clubs = places similar to health clubs but dedicated to aerobic exercises.
Strengthen = to make something strong.
Tummy = when your stomach has grown a little too much.
Stationary = not moving or motionless.
Crowd= many people in a group.
Fans = determined number of people who like somebody or something.
Championships = national or worldwide competition with many participants.
And so on = similar to “and so forth” or etc.
Scholarships = money given by the government or private institutions towards a student’s studies who meet certain academic standards.
Outrageous = something that is beyond reason or good taste.
Generally = adverb of manner.
To sign = to put your signature on a document.
Legendary = something or somebody that has become a legend.
Delight = pleasure.

Conversation Activities

1. Which is your favorite sport and why? Do you practice your favorite sport every day? How many days a week do you exercise?
2. Which is the National sport of your country; how do you play it and how many people are involved in it?
3. Many people say that soccer or football has become so popular all around the world. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
4. Name some outstanding athletes you know of in your country or in other countries. Is there any athlete that you admire? What is his/her name? What does he/she play? How does he/she play it?
5. Is it true that practicing a sport keeps you in shape and active?
6. Do you practice your favorite sport alone or would you rather do it with your friends at school or someplace else?