Used To + Infinitive

“Used to” represents a habit or something that we were accustomed to doing in the past that
we don’t do anymore at the present time. “Used to” is always followed by the infinitive form of the verb that comes
after it.

  • I used to study German. (but I don’t anymore) 
  • She used to come to class late everyday, but now she’s always on time. 
  • My parents used to take me to restaurants all the time, but now we eat at home. 

For the questions we have to use “did” because the verb is in the past.

Question: What did you use to do when you went to the beach? 
Answer: I used to watch the girls walk by. 
Question: Where did you use to go when you were a child? 
Answer: I used to go hiking and I used to go fishing and sometimes I used to go camping with my family. 
Question: What time did you use to get home after you went to the discos? 
Answer: I used to get home at four in the morning because we used to go and eat at a restaurant after the disco bar closed.