Commands are orders given in imperative form using the simple form of the verb. The strength
of the voice emphasizes the strength of the command. For the negative form simply use “don’t”.
The person who gives the order is not included.

  • Don’t move! 
  • Come here! 
  • Listen to me! 
  • Stand up! 
  • Shut the door! 
  • Sit down! 
  • Don’t talk! 
  • Get out of here!

When we use a command, the subject “you” (singular) or “you” (plural) is understood, so it is not necessary in the sentence.

  • Relax! (You relax) 
  • Don’t go. (You don’t go.) 

When we use “let’s”, the person who gives the command is included and must execute the action with the others.

  • Let’s go! (everybody including the speaker). 
  • Let’s have lunch! 
  • Let’s study for the test! 

The negative form of “let’s” is “let’s not”.

  • Let’s not go to that party! 
  • Let’s not talk about that! 
  • Let’s not study here!