Superlative Forms

We use the superlative forms when we talk about the maximum or minimum degree of something or someone. We can use superlative forms with people, places or objects. However, here we also have to follow some rules.

1. When forming superlative forms using one-syllable adjectives or adverbs, we have to add the definite article “the”, which precedes the adjective or adverb. Finally, we must add “est” at the end of the adjective or adverb. If the adjective ends in a consonant preceded by a single vowel, the final consonant is duplicated.
Note: This rule also applies to colors, which are adjectives.

 Adjective  Comparative form  Superlative form
 Bigger than 
The biggest 
Thinner than 
The thinnest 
Faster than 
The fastest 
  • New York is bigger than Miami.
  • Yes, but Los Angeles is the biggest city in the USA. 
  • I am thinner than my brother. 
  • But my nephew is the thinnest in the family. 
  • A crow fly faster than a pigeon. 
  • Yes, but eagles fly the fastest. 

2. When we use two syllable adjectives or adverbs that in in “y”, we change the final “y” into “i”, we add the indefinite article and finally we add the suffix “est” at the end of the adjective or adverb.

 Adjective  Comparative form  Superlative form
Crazier than 
The craziest 
Funnier than 
The funniest 
Prettier than 
The prettiest 
  • Armand is crazy. 
  • Frank is crazier than Armand. 
  • But Hector is the craziest of all of them. 
  • Marcela is prettier than Maria. 
  • But Gabriela is the prettiest. 
  • Bugs Bunny is funny. 
  • The Simpsons is funnier than Bugs Bunny. 
  • But Alf is the funniest series on TV. 

3. When we use three or more syllable adjectives, we have to add the phrase the most before the adjective or adverb to make the superlative form.

 Adjective or adverb  Comparative form  Superlative form
More gracefully than 
The most gracefully 
More easily than 
The most easily 
More expensive than 
The most expensive 
More gentle than 
The most gentle 
  • Helen dance is gracefully. 
  • Arleen dance is more gracefully than Helen. 
  • But Regina dances the most gracefully. 
  • Mary’s kitten is gentle. 
  • Her sister’s horse is more gentle. 
  • But the old dog is the most gentle. 
  • Ford is an expensive car. 
  • A Lexus is more expensive than a Ford. 
  • But Rolls Royce is the most expensive car. 
 Irregular Forms
Better than 
The best 
Worse than 
The worst 
Farther than 
The farthest
Less than 
The least 
Fewer than 
The fewest
More than 
The most 
More than
The most