Comparatives of Equality

When we want to say that things are the same or have the same quality, the same size,
age, value, etc. It is necessary to use comparatives of equality.

1. The same noun as

  • He has the same behavior as the others. 
  • This jacket is the same price as that one. 
  • My car is the same color as my father’s. 

2. as adjective as

as adjective/adverb as

  • This house is as beautiful as the first one we saw. 
  • He can swim as fast as Mike. 
  • She is as intelligent as her mother. 

Negative Form

not so adjective/adverb as:

  • He is not so tall as his brother. 
  • San Francisco is not so noisy as New York. 
  • A car is not so comfortable as a plane.


3. Finally we can use like to compare people with people, people with animals, and people with things.

  • Peter is like his father. 
  • She sings like a bird. 
  • Her hear is like a spungold.