Dogs and Parks

There are dog parks in the city. People take their dogs there to play. They are fenced in, so that the dogs can’t run away. They have big rocks for the dogs to climb on and there is usually a stream of water for the dogs to play in. They enjoy the water when it is hot outside. They also have a fountain where people can get cold water for their dogs to drink. There are little dogs and big dogs in the park. They all play together. Some dogs play with a ball and other dogs play with sticks. They like playing fetch. Sometimes the dogs just like to lie around and relax.

The puppies are always playing and running around. The older dogs try to keep up with them, but they have a hard time. It is usually the older dogs that are relaxing. The little dogs are not afraid of the big dogs. They all like playing with each other. There are many dog parks around the city. Sometimes people do not have dogs, but they like to go and watch the dogs playing. It is not very often that you will have dogs that do not get along. Most of them play very well together. People keep the dog parks clean so their dogs can enjoy a safe, clean place to play. The park has people that help clean up too. The parks are really crowded when it is nice outside, like in the spring and summer.