In winter the weather gets really cold. It snows during the winter, so the streets are covered with a coat of snow. Sometimes we have a blizzard. A blizzard is a snowstorm. It snows heavily during a blizzard. Officially winter begins on December 21st and ends on March 21st. Angie likes hot chocolate in the winter. When she is playing outside in the snow, she gets really cold. She has on her hat, gloves, scarf and extra socks. She has a big pink winter coat that she wears. When she gets home, her dad always makes hot chocolate for her.

Some people like to make their hot chocolate with water, but her dad uses milk. He warms up the milk on the stove. He watches it closely and stirs it to make sure it does not burn. Once it is at the right temperature, he pours in the chocolate. He uses cocoa powder. He mixes it all together until it is really smooth. He pours it into a big mug. It is really hot, so he waits for it to cool down for a minute so that Angie does not burn her tongue. Once it is cooled down, he adds marshmallows. Angie likes the little marshmallows. They start to melt when he puts them into the hot chocolate. When they start to melt, they become very gooey. Angie loves her marshmallows to be this way. The big marshmallows do not melt as easily as the little ones. Angie likes it when her dad makes hot chocolate for her. It warms her up after playing outside in the cold.