Summer Refreshments

In the summer, I like to drink sweet tea and fresh lemonade. My mom makes the best sweet tea. She puts the tea bags in a clear jug of water and sets it out in the sun. The sun makes it hot, and the water turns to tea. Once the tea is the perfect color, my mom brings it in the house. She takes the tea bags out and pours sugar in. She stirs it for a while so that all of the sugar is dissolved. She pours it in a big glass over ice cubes. It becomes so cold and tastes so good on a hot day.

When my mom makes lemonade, she only uses fresh lemons. She squeezes them through a strainer so that the seeds do not get in. She uses a lot of lemons. She adds some warm water and then sugar. The warm water helps the sugar dissolve quickly. She uses the pulp from the lemons. That is where most of the flavor comes from. She keeps a couple of lemons to slice up and place in the glasses.  When you are really thirsty on a hot day, lemonade quenches your thirst. She does the same thing with the lemonade that she does with the sweet tea. She pours it into a big glass over ice cubes and stirs it around. She puts fresh lemon slices in the glass. Those are my two favorite drinks in the summer.