Women and Shoes

Rebecca has fifty pairs of shoes. She likes to have different colors of shoes to go with her different colors of clothes. She keeps them in their original shoeboxes, so they stay nice. She has every color. She even has orange shoes. She likes to buy purses or bags to match her shoes. It is sometimes easier if she buys bags with more than one color. That way she can use it with several pairs of shoes not just one. She has one purse that is pink, blue, green and purple. She can wear it with any of her shoes that are pink, blue, green or purple. The straps on the bag are black. She also uses it with shoes that are black. She only buys shoes that are on sale. She never spends a lot of money on shoes.

There is always a shoe sale somewhere. She has dressy shoes and casual shoes. She really likes shoes with a high heel on them, especially in the summer. The heel is usually about three inches high. She wears them when she is going out. If she needs a casual pair, she usually wears her flip-flops. They are cheap and come in every color. They are comfortable and wash easily. In the winter she likes to wear boots with high heels. She has boots in many different colors, brown, black, tan, and even pink. The pink boots are her favorite. And believe it or not, she has a pink purse to match. She is fond of leather items.