Halloween is celebrated on October 31st in the United States. Halloween means ‘holy evening’ because it is the day before All Saints Day. People believe that witches, spirits and ghosts used to come out to scare people on this day. The idea of carving pumpkins and putting them in front of your house comes from this idea. They used to put them there to scare off the spirits, witches and ghosts.  People also believe that black cats are a symbol of Halloween. People decorate their houses and stores with pictures of ghosts, witches and black cats for Halloween.

The colors for Halloween are black and orange. Children dress up in costumes.  There are many different kinds of costumes. Some are ghosts and scary creatures, and others are cartoon or movie characters. Children used to go door to door and say: “trick or treat” and their neighbors would give them candy. Most towns have decided not to do this and have a party for the children instead. There is usually a parade also. People in the parade dress up and throw candy into the streets for the children.