Books are Source of Knowledge

It is important to read books. Books are a great source of knowledge. Reading is like exercise for your brain. There are many different kinds of books. Some types of books are romantic, mysterious, scary, political or funny. Some books are made up stories. They are called fiction books. Stories that are true are called non-fiction. You can read books on cooking, gardening, cars, art or anything else you want to read about. You can go to the library and check out any book you want.

There are plenty of books of poetry, fairy tales and even jokes. Pick a book about your favorite subject and read. I like to read books so that I can learn something new. You can learn something new with every book you read. There are little books, big books, picture books and even books on tape. The books on tape tell the story to you, though I prefer to read them. People put picture books on their coffee table as decoration. Other people have bookshelves that they put all of their books on. Sometimes people go the bookstores to read. Some of the bookstores have cafes in them. You can pick out a book and have a cup of coffee at the same time. Everyone should read. It is fun and educational.