Judy’s Garden

Orchids are Judy’s favorite flowers. She likes them all year round. She has them in the house. She also has a garden outside. In her garden, she also grows tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans. She works out in the garden every weekend. She wears her gloves because she is always digging in the dirt around the vegetables. Her tomatoes are red and juicy. You can eat them like apples. She has flowers planted all around her yard also.  She has daisies, violets and pink pansies. The pink pansies are her favorite.  She waters the flowers every evening once the sun starts to go down.

It is not good to water your flowers with the sun beating down on them. It dries them out and kills them. Judy also waters her garden. Her vegetables need a lot of water to grow. It is important to check the garden often. When the tomatoes are ripe, she pulls them off the vine. She picks the green beans when they are ready and splits them. Her cucumbers are so fresh; she likes to eat the tomatoes and the cucumbers together. She wishes she could keep the garden all year round like her orchids. But she cannot keep a garden in the house.