In autumn the weather starts to cool down. The days are rainy and windy. The leaves of the trees dry out and they fall off. Autumn officially begins on September 21st and ends on December 21st. In the middle of autumn, you can see how the leaves change color. Some trees do it faster than others. Their leaves become brown while the leaves of other trees remain green. During the fall, summer clothes go on sale because they are not warm enough to wear. During the fall, winter clothes start filling the stores so people can be ready for it.

There are some flowers that grow in the autumn. Gladioli, chrysanthemums, and everlastings are some of our common fall garden flowers. Many people return to school during the fall semester. They do not take any courses during the summer because the courses are shorter and more demanding. Fall is the time of year when many birds get together and start preparing for their big trip from the north to the south. This trip is called migration. Birds migrate because food is scarce and the temperature decreases. Autumn is the time of the year when you will see flocks of geese flying in V-formation. It is important for the birds to build strength for the long and dangerous trip.