Sally’s Children

Sally has three children. Jimmy is ten years old. Susie is eight years old. Joey is 5 years old. Sally likes to go shopping to buy her children new clothes. It is a good thing she enjoys shopping because her kids always need new things. Jimmy always needs new tennis shoes. He plays with his friends every day. He plays soccer and basketball. He is always running. His tennis shoes get dirty and worn out quickly. Susie likes to play with her friends in the backyard.

Sally’s children like gymnastics. When Susie tumbles in the yard, her hair ribbons fall out. She loses them in the grass. Joey always needs new pants. He likes to play in the dirt. He also has a sandbox that he plays in. He digs with his hands and then wipes them on his pants. When the ground is wet, he likes to play in the mud. His pants are always dirty. Sally can buy all three items in the same store: the tennis shoes, the pants and the hair ribbons so she waits until her two older children come back home from school to take them to the shopping mall with her.