It rains a lot in the spring. We need the rain so that the trees can bloom, and the flowers can grow. Spring officially begins on March 21st, and it ends on June 21st. It rains a lot in April and the flowers start to bloom in May. It is worth it to have all of the rain so we can enjoy the pretty flowers.  It is important to carry your umbrella with you during the spring. It can start to rain at any moment. Sometimes the rain is very fast and heavy. Other times it is very slow and lasts a long time. There are raincoats with hoods on them. People either use their raincoats or their umbrellas.

The sidewalks of the city are filled with people carrying their umbrellas when it is raining. You should also wear shoes that will keep your feet dry. It can be cold in April; you need a jacket and your umbrella. Sometimes there are thunderstorms. Thunderstorms move in quickly. There is lightning in the sky. The big booms of thunder often scare people. If the storm is really bad, you can have hail. Thunderstorms usually happen more frequently in May than April. Thunderstorms last all summer. The rain is necessary to provide the right environment for the spring flowers. Without it, spring flowers cannot bloom.