A visit to the Doctor

Hi everyone, my name is Gary. I live in Detroit Michigan. I work as a teacher for public school 34 in downtown Detroit. I woke up a little bit drowsy and I am not feeling very well today, so I will have to call in sick. I think I need to see my doctor. First, I have to make an appointment to see him. I am going to call the receptionist and make an appointment so he can see me right away if possible. When I get there, they will not ask me to fill out some forms because I filled them out the very first time I was there. I have health insurance, so I only have to pay a co-pay of 10 dollars. It is important to have health insurance because if you do not have it, a visit to the doctor can be very expensive.

When I go to my doctor’s office, one of the nurses who work there is going to take my vital signs: pulse, temperature and weight. When the doctor gets in, he will ask me how I am feeling, and he will also ask me what symptoms I have. After that he will review my clinical history to see if I have any of the symptoms described in my previous visits to his office. After he examines me, he will write a prescription so that I can go to the pharmacy and get the medicine that will make me feel better. He will also write the directions on how to take the medicine. Finally, he will ask me to come again in two weeks for a follow up.