Making a Deposit in your Bank Account

Today is Thursday and I just received my paycheck. Thursday is a special day because it is payday for most workers in America. Some people are paid every week, other people get paid every two weeks and a few people receive their paychecks on a monthly basis. Some people have direct deposit, so their money is deposited directly to their accounts. I do not have direct deposit, so I have to deposit my check right away. It takes up to 48 hours for a check to clear when the check is not from the same bank, if the check is from the same bank, it only takes 24 hours.

To make a deposit, I have to fill out a deposit ticket. Then I have to tear off the pink copy of the deposit ticket. This copy is a proof of my deposit, so I have to keep it with me. After I fill out the deposit ticket, I have to endorse my check. To endorse means that you have to sign your name and also write down your account number on the back of the check. Once I fill out the deposit ticket, I have to put the deposit ticket and the check in an envelope from the bank. Envelopes and deposit tickets are usually available in all branches of a bank so that people can make deposits at any time of the day. Finally, I have to insert my debit card into the cash dispenser to begin the transaction. You always have to keep your PIN number handy. A PIN number is your Personal Identification Number. After the machine reads my card, it prompts me to enter my PIN number in order to begin the transaction.