A visit to the Dentist

Eva has a terrible toothache today. She wants to see her dentist as soon as possible. She visited her dentist six months ago. She went there for a cleaning and check up. When she visited the dentist everything was all right. Eva is afraid of the dentist’s drill. She does not like the sound it makes. She gets nervous when she hears the drill going. She knows that visits to the dentist can be very expensive if you do not have dental coverage. Some employers offer dental coverage as part of the benefit package. Other employers offer to pay a big percentage of the coverage.

Eva has a good job. She works for a financial company on Wall Street so she has a good dental coverage. The dentist is going to see if Eva has a new cavity. Cavities are little holes that bacteria make in your teeth when you don’t brush them. To avoid getting cavities people should brush their teeth three times a day. If the filling of the cavity is gone, the dentist will have to fill the cavity one more time. Eva is nervous. She does not like the idea of getting a new filling because her dentist will have to use the drill to clean the bad part of the tooth. If he has to do that, Eva will ask him to give her a shot of anesthesia so that she does not feel the pain. When Eva leaves the dentist’s office, she will not be able to eat anything for quite some time.