Vacations Abroad

I am going to Costa Rica on vacation. I am leaving Saturday morning at 7:30. I have two big suitcases and one carry-on. A carry-on is a small suitcase or bag that you take on the plane with you. It does not go below the plane with your luggage. I keep all of my important things with me in my carry-on. I always pack my toothbrush, medicine, deodorant, soap and a change of clothes. If the airline loses my luggage, I will still have the things I need until my luggage arrives. I arrive at the airport two hours before my flight. I need my passport to travel outside of the United States. I also need to show my passport to get my boarding pass and to get through security.

I fly from New York to Miami, Florida. That flight is about two and a half hours. Then I have to change planes in Miami. The flight from Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica is about three and a half hours. The time that I am in Miami waiting for the connecting flight is called a layover. The total trip takes all day. I arrive in Costa Rica at 12:30 in the afternoon. The time is different because in Costa Rica they do not observe daylight savings time. In New York, we turn our clocks ahead for spring, so there is a two-hour time difference between New York and Costa Rica. When I get to Costa Rica I have to go through Immigration and Customs. I will have to do the same thing when I come back to the United States.